(the RPlist logo)

The RPlist logo.

The above picture is the logo of the RPlist mailing list. It symbolizes several aspects of retinal degenerations.

The logo... represents...
A pen that writes the letters "RP".
RPlist is a forum for writing about R.P. (literally retinitis pigmentosa, used here as a generic abbreviation for all retinal degenerations).
The pen is shaped as a rod ending in a cone.
RP may affect two kinds of light-sensitive cells in the retina called "rods" and "cones".
The pen color goes progressively from light to dark.
RP causes progressive vision loss.
The letters RP are slightly blurred.
RP may cause blurred vision which makes reading difficult.
Parts of the first letter are hidden.
RP may reduce visual fields, "hiding" parts of the surrounding world.
The logo is in black and white with no colors.
RP may impair color vision.
Suggestions for a better logo or improvements to this one are welcome.

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<A HREF="http://www.dixonvision.com/rplist">
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which generates this link: RPlist

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